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Happy Planner Mini Haul

My trip to Michael’s last week led me down the planner aisle, and I had to get something. I saw so many planner options that, at first, I didn’t know what to choose. I looked into the ‘Recollections’ spiral planners, that I think I will get one soon. I was also drawn to the 2018 Happy Planners in the regular size and the mini. After spending what seemed to be 30 minutes in that aisle, I chose the mini Happy Planner. I picked up the mini Happy Planner mainly because of its size. I like the fact that I can put this planner in my purse or backpack.

I purchased the mini Happy Planner with the “Best Is Yet To Come” cover, which I totally love.


Here are a few more photos of the mini Happy Planner:


The mini Happy Planner that I bought gives users the ability to choose which month to start. It comes with a sticker page with the months for the tabs and the calendars inside. This mini Happy Planner is a horizontal planner.

In addition to the mini Happy Planner, I purchased the Mambi (which is the Parent company of The Happy Planner) 30-page productivity sticker book. I LOVE this sticker book! It has everything that I need and it has fun stickers that I use to decorate the planner.



I hope you enjoyed my ‘mini’ planner haul.

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What was your latest planner purchase? What planners do you love?

Planner Obsession: Day Designer

This year, I am trying to keep my promise of getting organized. I think that being organized helps you live a more fulfilling life. With organization, you are able to plan your daily activities and future projects.

In order to achieve my goal of being organized, I purchased a planner. One of the planners I chose was the Day Designer. You see that I said “one of my planners,” because I have purchased more, which I will share.

I bought the Day Designer because I thought I liked the ability to plan each day by the hour (more on that later).

All in all, I did like the planner.




Here are some ways I made this planner my own:

  • Color-coded the different tasks and projects I need to complete.
  • Eliminated some of the areas that I didn’t need to use.
  • Dedicated a block of time to planning my days.


What planner do you use? How do you use it?

Choosing Your Best Intentions

Welcome to my second post! I’m so glad you came back to join me on this journey. Today’s post is all about choosing your best intentions. When you are trying to figure out your calling in life, you go through a series of emotions and you have a range of thoughts. For me, I fully intended to work on a particular career path and never stray from it. That was my intention – but it turns out, it wasn’t the best one. I know it sounds so cliche and flowery because I know that everyone does not have the option at certain parts of their lives to walk away from jobs and situations because they want to. Life can be difficult and we do things because we need to survive, we need to make a living. With that said, if you have the opportunity to set certain goals in order to live the life you were called to, please do so.

As someone who is on a path of discovery, I find myself looking within for guidance. I’m at a stage in my life where figuring out what my purpose is – is becoming difficult. I know I was a placed on this earth for something bigger than myself, as we all are, but I’m quite sure what “it” is yet.

Have you figured out your calling? Share below.

Stay tuned the next post, as I reflect on years past.


The Work Of Finding Your Purpose

Everyone goes through a time where they have no clue what they doing in their lives. Many find that this happens during certain milestones in their lives. It could be a birthday, a promotion, or a special occasion. It is a very unusual thing to face. I am currently in that phase of my life. While it may seem that I have everything that I need and most of what I want, the work of finding my purpose is a challenge. I say ‘The Work Of Finding Your Purpose’ because it is in fact work. It takes a great deal of work to really visualize the reason you were placed on this planet.

I am one of those people that believe that everyone has a purpose – a reason for living. There are people who find their purpose but unfortunately, there are many people who don’t find out what they are supposed to do. Many people reach the end of their lives regretting not doing certain things and that’s very unfortunate. As I reach a milestone in my life, I’m now contemplating my purpose and whether it has anything to do with my role as a mother. As I go through this journey of figuring it out, I hope you join me here as we share our life’s experiences.