Choosing Your Best Intentions

Welcome to my second post! I’m so glad you came back to join me on this journey. Today’s post is all about choosing your best intentions. When you are trying to figure out your calling in life, you go through a series of emotions and you have a range of thoughts. For me, I fully intended to work on a particular career path and never stray from it. That was my intention – but it turns out, it wasn’t the best one. I know it sounds so cliche and flowery because I know that everyone does not have the option at certain parts of their lives to walk away from jobs and situations because they want to. Life can be difficult and we do things because we need to survive, we need to make a living. With that said, if you have the opportunity to set certain goals in order to live the life you were called to, please do so.

As someone who is on a path of discovery, I find myself looking within for guidance. I’m at a stage in my life where figuring out what my purpose is – is becoming difficult. I know I was a placed on this earth for something bigger than myself, as we all are, but I’m quite sure what “it” is yet.

Have you figured out your calling? Share below.

Stay tuned the next post, as I reflect on years past.



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